Kappa at Stanford

The Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority at Stanford University consists of women who come from a variety of areas and backgrounds.  Each of the members brings her own personality and ideals to the sorority to create a diverse and accepting community. The sisters learn from both their sisters and themselves during their time at Stanford, and although this time is limited, the bonds created between sisters in those four years last a lifetime. Through both social and philanthropic events, Kappa Kappa Gamma has created an unforgettable presence everywhere from the classroom to the field, the stage, the community, and the dancefloors!
Kappas participate in an incredible array of campus and community activities, including:
• Stanford Tour Guides

• Gaities
Stanford in Debate Society
• Stanford Dance Marathoners
• Stanford Writing/Oral Tutors
• Stanford Daily
• Stanford Symphony
• Stanford Women in Business
• Sexual Health Peer Tutors
• Stanford Band (LSJUMB)
• Stanford in Government
• Sierra Camp
• Right to Play
• Think Big
• DV8
• Alliance

Kappa Around the World

Additionally, Stanford Kappas have a long tradition of studying abroad.  Although we miss all of the abroad girls back here on campus, we can't help but be jealous of the time they spend together abroad. In recent years, Kappas have studied abroad in numerous places, such as:
Paris, France               Salamanca, Spain           Rome, Italy
Berlin, Germany            Madrid, Spain                Stockholm, Sweden
Santiago, Chile            Moscow, Russia              Arusha, Tanzania
Sydney, Australia         Granada, Spain              Washington DC

Oxford, England           Florence, Italy               Brussels, Belgium