Welcome to the Beta Rho Deuteron chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma! Here at the University of Cincinnati, our chapter is composed of beautiful, intelligent, and talented women. Every day we strive towards being the best sisters we can be while always working to better our Panhellenic community. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to campus involvement, community service, academic success, and strong sisterhood. A Beta Rho Kappa is a woman of excellent character, high standards, and strong ethics.

The Kappa house sits just one block across from The University of Cincinnati main campus in a beautiful, large, old brick home that is approximately 60 years old.  We are fortunate to have this lovely home to meet, hang out, and live among our sisters.  We give special thanks to our House Board who lovingly provided updated and more modern renovations last year!  The campus is situated just 3 miles from downtown Cincinnati and affords us the opportunity to be a part of a large city with all it offers in dining, entertainment, sports and more. Our chapter is 135 members strong and is considered the largest sorority on campus.  We are very proud of our chapter and to be a part of the Tradition of Leadership in Kappa Kappa Gamma!

As you will see, Beta Rho is a very diverse group of women who have a common bond within the fraternity.  Kappa Kappa Gamma has a rich heritage that we appreciate and we strive to live up to all that is fine in life and thought and character.  We look forward to Kappa membership for a lifetime, to lifelong friendships and to future life changing opportunities.  Please join us in a more detailed look at our chapter and celebrate with us the abundance of joy that Kappa brings to our lives!

 Go Bearcats!

We hope to see you at UC's 2013 Formal Recruitment!

For more information about Greek Life and Formal Recruitment at the University of Cincinnati click HERE


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