Welcome Potential New Members, Parents, Friends, and Fellow Kappa Sisters from the Kappas at Creighton University! As well-rounded students of Creighton University, it is our goal to strive for truth, beauty and goodness in all that we do scholastically, philanthropically, socially and interpersonally. Kappa Kappa Gamma is one of the most well known women's fraternities with over 140 collegiate chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Kappa also offers over 300 alumnae associations. Since the fraternity's founding in 1870, over 200,000 members have been initiated. Though our organization is large we share a bond of sisterhood that is truly priceless.

Kappa is built on a Tradition of Leadership, and here at Creighton we take our motto to heart. A majority of our members are actively involved in a number of other organizations, and many hold executive positions in those organizations. We work hard to set high standards and to exceed past our own expectations. With the passing of our fifth anniversary we celebrate our rapid growth and achievements as we strive towards an even brighter future.

We invite you to come on in, and take a look at what we have been up to. Kappa means so much to all of us here at the eta iota chapter, and we would love to share that with you! Also, see why we are built on a Tradition of Leadership.

If you ever want to learn more about Kappa Kappa Gamma and Eta Iota Chapter at Creighton please feel free to contact us.